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John Claude's Custom Jewelry Services

Jewelry Repairs and Designs in Riverside, California

Our team of professionals at John Claude's Custom Jewelry is proud to offer services that include buying gold, creating custom jewelry, and even repairs! If you are someone who is looking to increase the size of your wallet, bring in your used gold jewelry, and we will offer you a great deal! We can also take your gold jewelry, melt it down, and create an entirely new piece of jewelry for you to enjoy!

Other services that we offer include jewelry repair for broken chains, cracked rings, resizing, and stone placement. All of these jewelry repair services are ideal for those who have precious jewelry that they wish to keep in the best condition. If you are living in the Riverside, California area, speak with us today at (951) 381-8570 and learn more about our incredible services at John Claude's Custom Jewelry; one of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you.

Buy Gold

We Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Do you own a piece of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you are looking to sell? We buy these selective metals for refinishing and reselling to our clients. Selling your jewelry is a very good idea for those who have a significant amount of items and running out of room. Clean out your jewelry box and bring in your gold, silver, or platinum items for instant cash!

Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry Designs

Another service that we offer is custom jewelry designs. If you have an idea for your next accessory, bring in a sketch or a picture of what you would like, and our professionals will create a wax mold for you to approve of. Your piece of jewelry is then cast, set, and cleaned for your use. You also have the option to use your own stone in any given piece; because our gemstone and metals are responsibly sourced, we offer a one-year warranty.  

Jewelry Repair Shop

Jewelry Repair Shop

We are proud to offer the community with a reliable source for jewelry repair services. Many clients seek our services as a result of broken chains or damaged rings. Allow our expert jewelers to evaluate your accessory and determine the best way to restore it. The best way to maintain your favorite ring is to have it checked once a year, including the prongs and stone placement.

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